Condensation control in Hertfordshire

Olympic Preservation Ltd offers a solution to your condensation problems in Hertfordshire.

Condensation Solutions

Condensation is generally considered the most common cause of damp in properties, and can be a ventilation and lifestyle issue. Showering, children, pets, laundry, cooking and dishwashers are common sources of humidity. Once created, humidity may be trapped within the residence by inadequate ventilation, ultimately condensing against any cold surface, such as windows, un-insulated doors, toilet tanks, etc. The condensation created will penetrate windowsills and wall surfaces, accumulating at carpet/wall junctions, and in corners, cupboards and other enclosed spaces. These areas are usually warm enough to host the development of moulds, mildew and fungi, which may then migrate to furniture and curtains.

It should be noted that condensation occurs on cold surfaces when the temperature of the air is cooled below the dew point, i.e the temperature at which the air can no longer hold its moisture. In dealing with the problem it is important to consider the cause of the high humidity in the air as well as ways of insulating the cold surfaces and permanently ventilating the areas.

Remedies for condensation include: 

– P.I.V Units for houses or flats. (Positive Input Ventilation)
– Passive Vents (Passifier)
– Insulating external walls internally
– Antifungal paints to alleviate further mould growth

The installation of our units will be installed by our own damp technicians. This process can be carried out between 1 to 2 days depending on the size of the installation. Installation involves a 4″ core drill, sounds SCARY doesn’t it, but it is far from that!

We will protect your property from dust, allowing the property to remain occupied and prevent dust nuisance and minimal disturbance during the installation of our condensation control units. Once the system is installed, there is a manufacturers guarantee (5 years) with the unit we supply.

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